March 18, 2008



Today we welcome a new listener - and then piss them off. Wonderful. This podcast is kind of "my diary." But not really the truth. You only get MY side of the story so you know there is another two-thirds of the story. So my last podcast where I...

Today we welcome a new listener - and then piss them off. Wonderful.

This podcast is kind of "my diary." But not really the truth. You only get MY side of the story so you know there is another two-thirds of the story. So my last podcast where I got to be a "Dad" for a day. It was a joke. It was a strange moment, and a great memory as the "Countess" won her talent show.

Well, double agent 0017 somehow accidentally played that episode for THE BIOLOGICAL FATHER. NICE. I understand her loyalty, but if she had not shown him, he never would've known. Now we have a lovely bowl of DRAMA STEW. Am I mad? No. I pretty much expected it. Besides, she loves cheese (an inside joke). It's not like we didn't know it was going to "accidentally" get back to him.

So why was it such a big deal to be Dad for a day? Because I don't have kids, and won't have any. That door has closed. I spent 10-15 thousand dollars trying to bypass the natural obstacles my ex-wife had. So I understand how children are a gift. They are not things you can buy at Wal Mart. So any time I get a glimpse of what it's like to be "Dad" it's an honor. The other night I was a hero getting printer paper at 10 PM.

So while it's fun to play Dad, I will never be. There is no competition. I don't have the right genes, and I lose every time. All the Father's Day cards will go to you. All I can do is love the kids like they are my own, try to guide them to success and to be the best people they can be. So they can avoid any mistakes I've made.

It could be worse. I know someone who had a good relationship with their ex until they remarried. Then the new spouse didn't like the kids and made them feel unwelcome in their new home. It put a large strain on the relationship between father and children. I still don't understand it, or my friend. The good news is your ex-wife is dating someone who adores your children, so while others worry at night (my Brother's ex-wife's boyfriends were a treat ) you do not. I am not trying, or can I ever, take your place.

On a less dramatic topic, the nurse and I had a great weekend of communication. I had been busting my butt, and it turns out that everything I was doing was appreciated, but not really wanted. It sounds stupid, and it took a while to figure out, and it has left the nurse and me even stronger.

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