Dec. 27, 2022

Old Dog - New Tricks?

Old Dog - New Tricks?

In this episode, I talk about making a brain tattoo, setting myself up to succeed (if I can just remember what it is I'm working on...) and parenting yourself. I just need to add one thing to my routine. MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE ENJOY THE SHOW?

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In this episode of Building a Better Dave, host Dave Jackson shares his experience of spending the holiday season with his family and his recent transition to using a Mac Mini. He discusses the challenges of using a Mac with a Windows keyboard and the process of getting organized with apps like Todoist and Evernote. Dave also touches on the importance of learning new skills and staying up to date with technology. Tune in to hear Dave's reflections on the passing of time as he watches his oldest great-nephew approach adulthood and his own journey toward building a better version of himself. 


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